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Parents' & Childrens' Comments:

"Molly wanted to let you know that she entered and won the school talent show singing 'Memory'!  Many thanks for all your expertise."
J Gardiner, Ewhurst - December 2016

"I like singing because, whenever I am upset, it makes me happy: and I want to make other people happy as well. I have singing lessons every other Saturday and practise it in the week.  I also like singing because it's just me and Sharon and I don't like competing against other people." Rachel June 2016

"I enjoy the friendly yet professional atmosphere of your lessons.  Theo has learnt valuable skills that are enabling him to use his voice well, helping him to enjoy his passion for singing.  He comes away enthusiastic and inspired and really looks forward to Wednesdays!  Theo himself says: 'They are really fun.  Also Sharon makes me laugh a lot'"
N & T Bewsey, Cranleigh - April 2016

"My son Kristien is 15 and has been attending singing lessons with Sharon for 5 years.  Sharon is supremely professional with the most warm, caring, encouraging approach, which consistently brings out the best in Kristien.  I would recommend Sharon to everyone, she has become so much a part of Kristien's development and childhood that he can't imagine a time when he won't be able to go.  Above all Kristien loves his lessons and looks forward to them every week."
J Alexandersen, Cranleigh - March 2015

"Our daughter started singing lessons three years ago.  Under Sharon's wing she has been nurtured and encouraged, taking her from a shy little girl into a confident young teenage singer who now performs to public audiences.  Her singing lessons are the highlight of her week and, building on the self-assurance she has gained from Sharon, has gone on to extend her musical capabilities with guitar accompaniment.  Thank you so much Sharon!"  D Wilson-Harris, Cranleigh - March 2015

"I cannot thank you enough, Rachel is inspired! She came out from her first lesson with you and said 'Im going back there again' such a different reaction from her usual diffidence, and needing a huge amount of pushing to go......we look forward to coming again!"
J Hunt, Guildford - March 2015

"Sharon's highly professional but friendly approach has been a major contribution to improving our daughter's singing skills to a significantly higher standard and building her overall confidence"
Dr M and Mrs J Parry, Godalming

"Sharon helped our daughter to prepare for her part in her school production.  I didn't hold out much hope to be honest, because Sophie's not what you'd call a natural singer.  When it came to the performances, I was amazed.  She was confident and relaxed and sounded better than I could have thought possible.  I can thoroughly recommend Sharon and the children love her!" S Williams, Horsham

"I've told all my friends about Sharon Duggan.  She's such a talented teacher and she has a way with the children." P Burgess, Godalming

"Sharon was fantastic.  She really put herself out helping Nick with his GCSE performance.  He lacked confidence and also didn't really know what songs to choose.  Sharon sorted it all out and he sailed through."
J Myers, Wonersh

Singer; Singing Teacher, Vocal & Performance Coach, Choral Director; Artist Manager
Email: info@sharonduggan.co.uk; Telephone: 01483 271469

Adult Students' Comments:

"My voice has really improved in both tone and range - I'm delighted, and grateful to have discovered you."
R Jones, Guildford - June 2017

"I just love my lessons with you because what you teach actually works.  Thank you so much - and I come away feeling so much more relaxed!" 
P James, Woking - January 2017

"....and what amazes me most is how much higher I can now sing!  I'd been wanting to extend my range for years, but it just didn't happen, no matter who I went to see.  I understand why now and I'm really grateful to you."  F Thomas, Aldershot - May 2016

"I started singing lessons with Sharon in July 2015.  Over these short months I have already noticed an improvement in my tone quality and vocal range.  This has certainly boosted my confidence; I am even working towards a recording later this year.  Thank you Sharon!" 
G Vart, Godalming - April 2016

"I was searching online for an experienced, talented and accomplished singing teacher and was fortunate enough to find Sharon Duggan - with the added bonus of her running a community choir in Cranleigh, which I've joined. Thanks so much.  I'm really enjoying the lessons - you're a fantastic teacher." A Little, Billingshurst W Sussex -  April 2016

"...my previous three teachers all had their good points, if I'm honest, but the bottom line was I didn't actually feel as though I was improving and I didn't really understand what I was supposed to be doing - until I came to see you! I then realised that I'd never had everything explained to me so clearly and I'd never understood how to use the diaphragm properly.  I can hear the improvement in my voice now and everything makes sense at last.  I'm so grateful - you're a brilliant teacher and  my lessons are really fun - as well as challenging!"  J Devonshire, Dorking -  April 2016

"I have had five months' singing lessons with Sharon and am encouraged by my progress.  Sharon is good at helpful criticism but also gives lots of encouragement.  I have been tackling pieces outside of my usual genre and have enjoyed this.  I would highly recommend Sharon as a singing teacher."
V Gilpin March 2016

"...it is a very good reason to sit down and write to you a few words that I should have written a long time ago.  I would like to take the time to say a big thank you for your efforts.  For the little time we spent, you showed me things that others probably never knew or will. You've been a great teacher, in fact the best I ever met." Y Minchev March 2016

"I'd been to about four different teachers and felt I wasn't improving.  I think I'd got to the point of giving up, to be honest - then a friend of a friend suggested I try coming to you - what a difference!  Wow!  My voice has improved so much in such a short space of time - and I'm really enjoying my lessons.  Thank you, thank you!"
P Prince, Haslemere - February 2016

".... I now realise my previous teachers  weren't very experienced or good at what they did - and they didn't improve my voice, it just  felt uncomfortable and sounded "hard".  I can thoroughly recommend you to anyone wanting to have singing lessons.  It's easy to see that you're a qualified teacher, but more importantly what you say works - and I'm happy about it!  My voice feels more relaxed, has a much bigger range and sounds so much better than it did before.  Thank you Sharon!" 
T Jenkins, Worthing July 2015

"I immediately realised how in command of her subject Sharon was and believed she'd be able to improve my voice - I wasn't wrong, it's gone from strength to strength - as has my range.  I just wish I'd known about her before wasting my time and money on  the previous 'teachers'".
J Slovak, Woking - March 2015

"If you wish to learn a skill in life see a professional.  Sharon ticks every box.  Her teaching has given me the confidence that I never had to perform in front of an audience, and an improving ability to sing that I would never have achieved any other way." B Barnett, Crawley - March 2015

Iíve had singing lessons with a few teachers over the years, and I can honestly say that Iíve learned and improved more in the past six months with Sharon than I ever did with other teachers. She knows her stuff!Ē
S Davis

ďAs far as Iím concerned, the combination of a classical training and working as a session singer/contemporary singer, set Sharon apart as a teacher. Iíve gained so much confidence, and I now understand why I had problems with technique and am working to overcome them. Plus, Iíve never had a question she wasnít able to answer fully.Ē D Johnston

ďI really enjoy my individual singing lessons with Sharon, she provides a very comfortable atmosphere for developing my voice. Sharon has also helped me to become more confident in my overall performance, I no longer feel like a rabbit in the headlights whilst on stageĒ E Bamford, Cranleigh