(runs at Cranleigh Arts Centre)

Sharon and Eleanore Duggan run a songwriting workshop not to be missed by aspiring songwriters.

This workshop will help you to learn:

How songs are structured
How to develop melody and lyrics
Developing instrumentation, harmony and dynamics
Performance and Production
Songwriting mistakes

We will then endeavour to compose a song and produce it.  We will also consider the importance of modern production techniques and the importance of performance, as well as discussing the components of a good song eg. structure, dynamics, hooks, melody, instrumentation, harmony etc.

Please bring along any instruments that you play so that they can be incorporated as necessary into the song that you compose.  We will then perform the song at the end of the workshop.

Length of workshop:
10am - 4.30pm (1 day)

Open to:

Aspiring songwriters

30 for the day.
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Vocal & Performance Problems
Singer; Singing Teacher, Vocal & Performance Coach, Choral Director; Artist Manager
Email:; Telephone: 01483 271469

As a singing teacher and vocal/performance coach with 17 years' experience,  as well as having been a practising hypnotherapist, Sharon is uniquely qualified to help singers  as well as teachers/actors/business people experiencing:

§ vocal problems that are due to a lack of vocal technique;

§ vocal problems caused by bad training;

§ bad microphone technique;

§ vocal problems that are psychological in origin;

§ performance problems (for instrumentalists as well as singers);

§ stage fright (for instrumentalists as well as singers).

Please give Sharon a ring to discuss any problem you have.   

Sharon Duggan (Cert. Ed., CHP; DHP, MHA)

Singer, Singing teacher, Sharon Duggan