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Updated: Apr 14, 2023

I was talking about singing after a lesson with one of my students last week and it occurred to me that a lot of the singers today who have thriving careers in the music industry, wouldn't have actually been able to have those careers if they'd been working when I was younger. I was a session singer in the early 1980s and worked at Abbey Road Studios, amongst other places. Obviously, autotuners didnt exist at this time and so singers HAD to be able to sing in tune.

I find it weird that we celebrate people today who can’t sing in tune (or at all really) and whose careers effectively rely on technology that is used both in the studio and at live gigs.

This video sums it up and indeed I remember years ago being congratulated on a demo in one breath and being asked in the next if I could sing in tune like that live! Obviously the promoter concerned had been caught out too many times by singers who couldn’t! Anyway, I hope that you enjoy this video which, although really funny, is unfortunately a very true to life example of the trickery of the trade today! I’m pleased to say that everybody in my choir can sing in tune!

I’d also like to make it clear I’m not criticising people who have pitch problems, simply that if singers are professional singers, then surely they should be able to sing in tune – or is it just me?!!

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