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Updated: Apr 14, 2023

A lovely bunch of flowers and this wonderful picture that my student Issy gave me today as it was her last lesson (she's been coming for lessons for a couple of years and has now successfully done her auditions). As you can see, the cats are clearly an important feature of the lessons!

I'm just adding to the description here (the original I wrote in April 2017 and sadly, in April 2018, Angel my white cat died aged 21, in June 2018 Twinkle my little black cat died aged 18 and in October 2018, Tom my black and white cat died aged 16 - it was awful all of them going within 6 months in the same year, but this lovely picture by Issy reminds me of when they were all here and supporting my students with their friendliness - I think they all thought that this is what people did - they came into the house and sang.....

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