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Individual Adult Lessons

3/4hour: £25.00;

1/2hour: £20.00

The voice is a musical instrument, just like the piano or guitar - so if you’re really interested in developing good vocal technique, then you need individual tuition - groups won’t do this for you - and you will need to practise! 

Sharon is an experienced singing teacher and vocal coach with a sound classical training, but is also (unlike a lot of teachers) able to expertly teach a diverse range of musical styles, ranging from rock, pop, jazz and r’n’b to folk, bluegrass and musical theatre as well as classical and operatic singing. 

She teaches teenage boys and girls, adults, singer/songwriters, drama and dance students, vocalists in bands, guitarists who want to learn to accompany themselves, those wanting to join or who are already in choirs, professional singers, those wanting help to prepare for an audition, those wanting to undertake a formal classical training as well as those who are just curious!  She is expert at helping those with vocal problemsothers who just want to learn something about singing for enjoyment and those who want to find out if they can sing at all! 

Some people come for help with their breathing, for example, if they have breathing issues related to their everyday speech.  Sharon is also able to help people with their expression whilst speaking - basically everyone has a different reason for wanting lessons - so do ring to discuss your needs.



Sharon gives individual tuition from her home in Cranleigh, Surrey

Sharon also supports students wanting to  perform at, for example,  open mics or preparing for solos generally. To date, Sharon has prepared approximately 300 students for various solos!

Sharon is happy to help people with their vocal production for speech and has helped teachers and actors plus business people in this way.

Sharon is fully insured for public liability.

and has enhanced DBS clearance.

Individual Children's Lessons

1/2hour: £20.00

Sharon is a qualified teacher (QTS) and has been teaching singing and performance since 1999.  She also has enhanced DBS clearance. 

PLEASE NOTE: It's not good practice to give vocal training to children before adolescence (when the voice starts to change and mature), as vocal training involves the development of muscles - so just as you wouldn't send your child to develop their muscles on weight machines in the gym, bear in mind that it's best to wait to develop the muscles they use for singing, otherwise the voice can be damaged permanently.

PLEASE ALSO NOTE:  it's not financially viable for me to come to your house to teach.  In the time it would take me travelling to and fro, I could be teaching other students.. what is available for children? 

Whilst I don't give vocal training to children, in practice, this simply means that I don't correct children's breathing technique. I'm very happy, however, to help children to enjoy singing in a number of fun ways and to help them improve their expression, diction and anything else they need help with.  Individual lessons include:

§ helping children to improve their confidence about singing and to explore what suits their voices.

§ helping children to learn how to prepare a song so that they can perform to the best of their ability.

§ singing different types of songs (repertoire) eg. character songs, musical songs, traditional folk songsas well as whatever popular songs they enjoy singing!

§ learning to sing in harmony if possible, which is a great help for children who haven't done this before.

§ improving diction so that lyrics are clear when sung (regardless of musical genre)

§ preparing children for school productions - with terrific results!

§ preparing children for auditions

Please don't hesitate to get in touch to discuss your needs.

Individual Performance Tuition

Performance is an integral part of singing, and some students just want to come to prepare for a particular performance or audition. Sharon is also happy to help children to develop their performance skills and has helped many to sing solos to a much higher standard in school concerts and productions as well as helping adult students with their own performance projects.  

Sharon is fully insured for public liability and has enhanced DBS clearance..

Individual Speech Coaching

(pricing is the same as for Individual Adult lessons)

If you struggle giving presentations, talking to clients, coping with group situations, then I can help.  Whether this is purely about how you speak and intonate or whether you also need help being more assertive, please don't hesitate to get in touch.  I also have a background as a psychotherapist which, combined with being a performer is very useful for spoken voice situations. 

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