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The Cranleigh Community Choir

I set up the choir in January 2006.  We meet at Cranleigh Arts Centre, 1 High Street, Cranleigh GU6 8AS on Thursday evenings during term times from 7.30pm - 9.15pm.  New members are always welcome (it is a community choir, after all!) and the taster session is free, of course.  Best of all (apart from the great music we do, which is probably the most diverse of any local choir (everything from folk, Americana, rock, pop, r'n'b, soul, jazz, pop to classical) and the lovely, friendly and relaxed atmosphere) is that it's only £55.00 per term.

If you're interested in joining, just come along - you don't have to let me know beforehand - although coming along the week before a performance will probably not be the best time to come!  There are NO auditions, and you DON'T need to be able to read music as all the songs are learned by ear.  For full details, it's best to visit the choir's dedicated website at

Cranleigh Community Choir performance

Our Autumn Term in 2021 starts on Thursday, 23rd September from 7.30pm.  We're delighted to be back at Cranleigh Arts Centre and if you're interested in trying us out, just come along and see how you enjoy it!  There are no auditions but a warm welcome!

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